Welcome to Royal Residences

With transparency and communication as our core values, we will always provide clients with one-on-one consultation from project planning to completion.

With prime land available across the island, we have the flexibility to tailor our approach to the client’s needs and deliver their vision only to an excellent standard.


Satisfy our customer desires with elegance.
This is our starting point on all projects.


Keeping our fingers on the pulse, we aim to always strive for excellence, making the idealistic possible. With the client’s vision at centre focus, our goal is to build structures that represent impeccable luxury and architectural innovation, with the ultimate intention of further strengthening Cypriot economy.

About Us

Royal Residences sets the standards for luxury living in Cyprus.

Observing the current economic climate on the island, we have seen a notable rise in the development of luxury projects around the island. From the Limassol marina to new high-rise developments, we understand that a boom of infrastructure has made room for recreational luxuriance.

This is where Royal Residences accommodates. With prime lands owned by us, scattered around the island, we aim to develop top-of-the-range, modern smart homes with the collaborative guidance of our clients. Cyprus is notorious for being a prime destination for the development of holiday homes, but we plan to take the quality standards one notch higher.

Whether it’s a penthouse project to meet your vision and aspirations or an 8-bedroom mansion with a sea view, we work to alleviate the strenuous process with our clients through one-on-one consultancy. Through our experience working closely with clients, we have learned that both transparency and effective communication are key to being effective in delivering excellent results.

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Our Philosophy

Successful property development begins and ends both with the clients' needs and the developer's expertise.
Honesty and transparency are ideals that must be held to a high value within client relationships.
Continual market research allows us to understand what is required to remain above standards of excellence.
As developers we must aim to outdo ourselves during each project, always bringing dedication and creative initiative to the table.
Cyprus Setting the Standards for Luxury Living | Royal Residences